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Dimensions 2.6cm × 12cm × 0.5cm
(1.02 in × 4.72 in × 0.20 in)
15cm × 9.5cm × 4.00cm
(5.9 in × 3.7 in × 1.6 in)
38cm × 22cm × 6.5cm
(14.96in × 8.66in × 2.56in)
91cm × 21cm × 6.5cm
(35.8in × 8.37 in × 2.56in)
91cm × 30cm × 6.5cm
(35.5in × 11.8in × 2.56in)
630nm, 660nm, 850nm 660nm, 850nm 660nm, 850nm 660nm, 850nm 660nm, 850nm
Power 9W 36W 300W 1000W 1500W
LED Count 3 12 60 200 300
Irradiance >141 mw/cm 2 >100 mw/cm 2 >100 mw/cm 2 >142 mw/cm 2 >162 mw/cm 2
Stand Option
Door Mount
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Lens Beam Angle 30 Degrees 30 Degrees 30 Degrees 30 Degrees 30 Degrees
Power Source Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery Mains Powered Mains Powered Mains Powered


What is the Difference between Red Light Therapy, PEMF and Infrared Sauna Blankets?

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, utilizes specific wavelengths of red light to stimulate cellular activity and promote various wellness benefits.

Our Red Light Therapy collection offers a range of devices designed to deliver targeted and effective light in the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking to boost your recovery, improve skin appearance, sleep better, boost cellular energy or soothe aching muscles our red light therapy devices are for you

Our Red Light Therapy collection features devices of various sizes and designs to cater to your specific needs. From compact handheld devices for targeted sessions to full-body panels for comprehensive coverage, we offer options to suit your preferences and goals.

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What is an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Our Infrared Sauna Blanket is a portable and compact product designed to provide the benefits of traditional sauna in a convenient and accessible way. It resembles a large sleeping bag and is equipped with FAR infrared heating elements.

An Infrared Sauna Blanket has incredible benefits such as enhancing weight loss, aiding with the body’s natural purification process and inducing relaxation. If you are looking to experience any of these amazing benefits, then a BON CHARGE Sauna Blanket is for you.

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What is an Infrared PEMF Mat?

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field which sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with the body’s natural magnetic field to aid overall wellbeing.

Combined with semi-precious gemstones, FAR infrared light, 660nm red light and 850nm near infrared light, the BON CHARGE Infrared PEMF Mat provides the ultimate, all-in-one wellness experience.

If you are looking to feel more relaxed, boost creative thought, sleep better and ground, our Infrared PEMF Mat is the perfect option for your current wellness program.

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